The Best of Proto-Bytes Bits-n-Bytes, A Non-All-Inclusive Scientific Research Information and Idea Exchange

About Proto-Bytes’ Bits & Bytes

Welcome to Proto-Bytes Bits and Bytes blog.  I use this as a sounding board to let the world know who and what I represent and what I don’t.  Besides the banter I express within this blog, I also share my scientific and technological achievements and discoveries with anyone interested.

I just started up a new corporation from the ashes of an older one, I have high hopes for this corporation and have committed myself to helping it’s growth into something more productive.  Business strategies are all up in the air at the moment, corporate positioning is a bit like a game of hop-scotch on a rainy day.  So once I find the right foundation and corporate partners to do business with growth is the natural outcome.

Personally I am a Sr. Computer Scientist with 16 years of industry experience, however my background and motivation is in the area of advancing scientific knowledge where I happen to have knowledge in the areas of plasma physics, semiconductor design and manufacturing, electronics, and quantum mechanics.  Which I gain from having a life ling goal of designing and manufacturing optical based computing devices.  Most of my theories and designs have already been worked out and proven by leading scientists around the world, I would like to think I had something to affect this but I have no proof just the odd coincidence that all my designs and discoveries are published in industry journals usually with the words new scientific discover made attached.  Parallel design can explain a portion of these events, but not every single idea I have come up with to date! *blush*  I do openly publish my discoveries discreetly on obscure blogs and web sites, or emails.  So I suppose it’s the natural way of events for such things to progress.   This site will now become the single point of distribution of all my ground breaking work and other misconceptions I invite to help me debunk before I place more energy into a fruitless idea.

Well that wraps up my intentions on this blog, any outside suggestions are welcome.  I prefer brutal honesty, rather then sugar cookies.  Seems to be more palatable with my assortment of over the top moral code of ethics.


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