The Best of Proto-Bytes Bits-n-Bytes, A Non-All-Inclusive Scientific Research Information and Idea Exchange

Mid 80’s computer whiz kid who had a hobby of studying super computers and lasers where ever he could get information from.  At age 18 decided to dedicate his life to designing the next generation of optical computers after reading industry trade article while deciding what to study in college.  While working on three degrees in college in the areas of Photonics, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Methodologies, and Post Era Computer Science development on the internet.  After watching many United States Air Force commercials about learning next era technology today, he joined the USAF in an elite 1 of 74 top applicants chosen to work in the C3NAV or Command, Control, Communications, and Navigations training disciplines, he maintained a perfect score of 4.0 while enrolled in this training program.  After leaving the USAF at their request, he started a career as a computer tesengineer and worked in the field of computer sciene and is currently a retired Sr. Software Application Developer.  Today he has create a new   corporation and now has time to finish his humanitarian pursuit and ambition of creating and designing Optical Computers.  Although he was employed in various jobs since reading the first trade article, he has been more dedicated mentally to understanding and solving the inherent problems in designing the next computing platform that in his highest hopes will be the last computer architecture and technology platform to be used for computing problems of any size nicely fitting on an ordinary desktop.  He accomplishments in the field of photonics helped to break the barrier of materials engineering on the silicon die in 2001 in an theoretical paper describing how to build an optical transistor using a wave guide and at Brewster’s angle for single mode wavelengths using a peizo-electric Brewster’s angular vibrational thresholds which were coupled to an avalanche detector and Q stabilizer for optimal signal loss over tunable wave lengths, and also served as to couple the optical signal to common semiconductor components with in the same device.  This research was verified to be a good solution and verified by a team of Scientists whom brought home the Nobel Prize for delivering the worlds first optical transistor.  This novel wave guide research still serves as the primary method of achieving optical integration with semiconductor components and is in wide spread use in many scientific equipment.  More recently another he made another major breakthrough also verified by a team of Scientific  which the foundation of the technology for using photonics to perform ultra fast FFT computations was published in Septembers Photonics Spectra: “Curved Light Breaks the Rules”.  Today he has finished the design research for two Optical Computer chips, one using the FFT technology although it operates at many wavelengths in parallel and is the basis of a programmable Optical DSP, the other more evolved device which is now in it’s 30th generation of revisions introduces a new method of computation using light to compute thought the use of a new technological discovery: Quantum Entangled Holography.  The chip is a simple ceramic double sided die, having and emitter array with a vacuum hermetically sealed gap and a high precision detector array.  There is no silicone involved in processing data and until further calculations and real time simulations can confirm this hypothesis, there is no theoretical processing limit to this device other then environmental, and the device runs well beyond femtosecond operations per second per mm^2.  If this device can be made operational, many new exciting fields of science will emerge as it will also confirm his second major goal in life, to solve the Unified QED Theory, and open the door to another realm of scientific understanding and answer a question in the minds of many quantum physicists minds.  Is there anything beyond the Quantum event horizon we observe in our physical reality?  It may not answer how far the rabbit hole goes, but it will tell is what is behind door 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Working full time on this project and running a corporation, it’s estimated the first prototype can be built with in by 3 quarter 2011.  His professional writers handle is ProtoBytes and is connected to all social networks and accessible using Google if you would like to get into contact with this man of the future.  I’m not so far every therotical scientific observation in optical computing and quantum physics has a 100% fitness rating.  He was borne with a rage gift and liability; autism, fortunately he is highly functional in most areas but it makes life a struggle, if understanding how the whole universe worked was as easy as living life he would be a millionaire by now.  There simply is not enough time to work on all and report all of his amazing discoveries, although for the record books, the scientific community has remained 2 -10 years behind his many innovations, and he finds the strangest thing in life seeing some one else design exactly what he thought of 6 years ago and tossed the idea aside knowing the he still had to follow the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ to get to the emerald palace.  He sure has his own gifts, but is he really attempting to meet with the great and all powerful wizard of OZ when he arrives with his other gifted friends following the same path?  Of will he simply arrive at an awesome palace with no place of possible entry?  If you have read the book, or watched the movie you know the answers to those questions already, don’t you?
So I invite you all to follow, follow, the yellow brick road, or deal with the wicked witch of the west on you on budget.

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