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Analyzing my new simpler theory of relativity that Einstein failed to see because he was blinded by the light in his observation of time not being a constant.  I realized this is the unified theory of relativity; Einstein’s mistake, It’s written in my form of math using composition to describe the complex reality of it all. 

( Ψ ¦ʘ¦ ɷ ) ¦ʘ¦ ( λ ¦ʘ¦ Ѭ)

Ψ=Gravitational Energy
¦ʘ¦ Composed and Entangled with  (composition 1)
ɷ=Spatial Energy

¦ʘ¦ Composed and Entangled with  (Physical entanglement = Time)

λ=Photonic Base Energy relative to superimposition of Ψ acting on Composition 2
¦ʘ¦ Composed and Entangled with (composition 2)
Ѭ=Spatial energy required to quantify the superimposition of ɷ acting on composition 2

We live life and experience the composition of 1&2 being entangled.  We experience this phenomenon as time it’s completely entangled and totaly observable and you can act upon all dimensions it factor down into, however the principle Schrödinger pointed out is true, once the quantum entangled state is observed ot acted on, it is deflate back to the energy states contained in compositions 1&2 and get factored back out into the fundamentals of Ψ, ɷ, λ, Ѭ with magnitude expanding in all dimensions possible.  The the moment is over, but the entailment still exists in a newly created physical reality after all energy levels become reconstituted by yet another unknown force and phenomena, that will be the area of science quantum mechanics soon attempts to understand.

  ‘in the beginning there was nothing, and a word was uttered into the nothingness, and the world became the word and there was light….’
                      ~not an exact quote from an ancient quantum mechanic.


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