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This is my reply to my long time industry partner Micrsoft black balling me from the BizSpak Partnership Program.  I post this only to allow everyone to be notified that I have resigned to being anything meaningful in life.  And will perhaps find other interests or hobbies like building churches with glue and match sticks.


Dear BizSpark Team,

I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding here.  I started my Spark less then a year and a half ago, and have been head deep into research and development of pioneering the future path of software development and to first create a portal to distribute this technology to the public for consumption.  I am an Associate IEEE Voting Member and the massive amount of research I have performed in the area of massively parallel programming for SIMD and multi-core CPU architecture of today, and my college training and life goal to provide the computer science industry with optical computing solutions.  I honestly do not understand why you have arrived at this conclusion.

Moore’s and Amdahl’s Laws as we know them will soon fail us completely.  It should be no secret to you.  I have actually has several Spark ideas, my most recent was to create a GPU supercomputing Cloud cluster environment for scientists and medical professionals to access and run code on.  Unfortunately three days after I made my small press announcement and updated my Spark profile with the new goals of my company, both your corporation and Hoppie Cloud made industry announcements that they were going to provide this service to the public.  I can’t not compete with you Microsoft.  We have shared many years and many ideas, I have actually had conversations with Scott Guthrie about my ideas of a rapid proto typing software application which was ironically developed with in a two week period and included in Blend 4 as the product Sketch Flow.  I tried my hand at being an ISV and created a B2B brokering system that does exactly what your product one of your enterprise solutions performs.

I have enjoyed seeing you complete my ideas, even in 2001 I wrote a XML based markup language based upon reflections to generate a UI using the Java programming language, you also have a similar product now; XAML.  I am not trying to accuse you of stealing my ideas, I share them freely, and have even helped a team win a Nobel Prize in life.

Today, I have finally formed a real Corporation and filed all the proper paperwork, and I believe I have found my foot hold where no one can compete with my products and services.  To be honest with you My BizSpark Teammate’s who are looking critically upon me at this time.  Every great Idea I have ever pioneered has been adopted and manufactured by large corporations.  My specialty is Quantum Mechanics in the specific area of designing the next generation of optical computer chips.

To this date, if you visited my site, you will see a blanket statement explaining that something is coming.  I am an expert 3.5 .NET programmer, and the addition of DX11 and .NET 4.0 added many items I had to spend many hours of research with to discover what works the same, and what has been introduced that causes undesirable side effects.  I am so much into research of your technology, that if you do a Google search for my name “Alex Wykel” it will point to a #1 hit on Channel 9, where I demonstrated a new technology for performing extremely fast commutations using no mathematics at all, it’s a simple visualizations and it was entered to help Dr. Berkman achieve his goal of merging ; a new concept to me, Monads using a coordinate system.

This email you have sent me has seriously upset me to the extreme, after spending my last 8 years completely devoted to promoting and delivering corporations with the cutting edge solutions you bring to the market.  They come to me because I am known in the industry by my peers as a person whom explores and tests the latest technologies, and becoming an expert on the subjects rather quickly.  Most of my clients employ men to rapidly use rapid application prototyping to build the cutting edge systems that will scale and leverage the technology which is on your radar screen.

I have not once had a bit of contempt for Microsoft, and I have only been a valuable asset in offering your large body of industry consumers the latest solutions, and I explore what you your next plan is and place much thought into where the technology is going.  I build systems that are frameworks designed to scale to meet your next step in technological delivery.

I recently I have been a bit out of character, making odd comments about the break down in technology, and offering a helping hand where ever possible, and I always have your inspiration and best interest in mind.  That is saying a lot for a industry expert, who was formally trained by the developers of the Java programming language, and left that line of work because I was the told you had to offer and C# was a more elegant solution.

If you are going to black ball me, have the humanity and decency to give me a justified reason for this turn of events in our relationship.

Today marked the day I officially started my beta acceptance testing of IE9.  Last night marked the day I officially started to create more than just a blanket ‘under construction’ front page.  Truth be known I once calculate the number if multimillion dollar ideas I have in a 6 mo. period alone to be estimated to take well over 6000 man years to complete, so I give man away to those I believe might have a better chance and interest in making them a reality.

My new BizSpark has three primary goals:  Provide a necessary portal to scientist in my field of optical commuting to share and freely exchange and gather ideas and data, with a gold of helping all individuals network these sparse ideas and discover a solution to optical computing.  There is a great demand for such a portal, I just happened to read about it in today’s issue of Photonics Spectra.  I will also showcase an Computer Science R&D area where both show problem problems in the industry is heading, and much like your Microsoft Research site offer downloads of sample code for scientists and engineers to experiment with.  I have a goal to invent a new computer language specifically designed for quantum computing devices, my thoughts are that the area of Turing Machines is coming to an end, and that is part of the problem.  I have not been with just twiddling my thumbs, and acting like a know it all.  Solved a problem some of you best MVP’s said was impossible, the solution to me was instantly realized, and I created a prototype, and wrote an article about it on the web site ‘The Code Project’  See my profile:  I had another idea to completely rewrite my on JIT compiler and offload everything to Nvidia’s PSX instruction set.  For me it’s a big matter of where time is better spent.  Currently the creation of a private corporation and making industry partnerships to build infrastructure and supercomputing solutions for your HPC platform has made a significant impact on my ability to sit and write code.  I’m the CTO of my corporation: AW Proto Code, Inc.  I am looking for a CTO to run the show and help us make first flight.  However within the next few weeks, I will have not just a simple front page completely designed suing Silverlight 4, but I will be hosting video series about the tools provided by you and others, and the logical steps I had to make to create a new workaround.  Last night I spent the entire night refactoring MEF 2 Preview because it was not strongly signed, and had no application GUID, two things required if I am to build it and demo it, so I can legally say I didn’t place any malicious code in it.  I was doing it in an attempt to showcase your newest technology before anyone else started working with it.  That is what I do, that is what my spark does.

The choice is up to you, if I have no access to your software anymore.  I am going to end my career as a software developer and never mention or promote a single computer or software product for as short as my life might last.  So if you words are to be the last and final here and now, they will be a hallow echo in my mind of all the people and things I loved in life eventually turning against me.

I would like you to know I served in the United Armed Forces, to protect the constitution and it came at a price, and left me with an illness that is slowly killing me every day, mentally and physically.  And it’s all classified, and never happened, and they are not doing anything to help me for cleaning up an antrathx contaminated zone on our base.  It never happened.  I was not even told that was what I was doing.  So I have already paid the ultimate price for freedom, but everyday someone, something takes it away from me.  I’m a scientist and IEEE engineer, I live my life by a higher code of ethics than ordinary people believe is reasonable.  Why?  Because I held the highest clearance in the US Government which required me to make a life commitment to obey the oath of enlistment, and that oath ended with the “words until the day I die.”

So whatever you reason for discriminating against me, I’m sure you have layers that will agree with the highest courts in the land I gave my life to assure our children are free and safe from the ugly things they teach all about, that no one wants to know.

I am man who is incapable of lying, and I serve a higher purpose then my own selfish interests.  I serve humanity.  I am truly sorry you have chosen to revoke my participation in your program.  This effectively ends my career and interest in Computer Science.  I suppose I will call my attorney and tell him to dissolve my corporation and start writing letters to all the industry partners I have tried hard to prove I have valuable information they can make use of.  You have made this the saddest day of my professional life.  Thank you for your cold worlds and meaningless rejection letter.  No one likes a ProtoByte anyhow, we are virtual and don’t matter in the bigger picture of things.

This was unexpected.  But what should I expect when I have a history of everyone turning tier back on me, no matter how much I give back to the balance of life.

No reply is required.  I will accept your denial in this program, you have so willing already give me, and I have participated in for over a year and a half.  I still meet the required criteria, but you have discriminated based on some unknown reason.  I don’t want explication really.  This email is enough to show me that your have no intentions of allowing me to succeed in my life’s goals.

This will be publicly posted on my World Press Blog for everyone to reference as to the nature and reason why I have made the ultimate decision to end the last thing in life that had any significant meaning for me.  Sue me if you like it’s all true, and I have not a penny to my name!  But I have made so many other millions, including your company.

To all those who are interested in my corporate portfolio my

DUNNS# is: 02-133-1437, and I was an internet start up corporation EIN:27-3563061.


I will withdraw my corporation from federal listing and make any necessary apologies for be myself!  This will no doubt take time, I have spent two years making partnerships to make my BizSpark work.  Can’t have faith in anyone but yourself these days, and the message I get is that I shouldn’t even have faith in my own self.  Suicide is not the answer, though it seems I have committed social suicide in some way to get all this banter from leaders of industry discriminating against me.  If death would solve the problem, it would be a simple choice to make.  but I live to be a man who gives back to life, not a selfish on that takes my takent to the grave.  And it’s not true, you don’t find yourself once you loose everything, you find the truth about everyone else and what reality is all about, and how you have no meaning, no matter what you think or give to it, living death is what you take back.  Don;t feel sorry for me, I am responsible for my own path.  Unfortunately, it is just a path I walk alone in the quite stillness of everlasting darkness, and shadows of nothing left to fill my creativity with.


All that has ended on this night of Thursday October, 21, 2010, because I have lost the will to pour my heart and soul out upon the world and enrich peoples lives, and have everyone take everything that I hold dear to me and tell me I have no right or am not worthy of having such a cherished part of my life that I can find simple fading joys in.

Looks like I will become a couch potato!  I will never become a hater, but I will never love or find joy again either.  Maybe after a few years of that, I’ll look back and think to myself how did I become Mr. Potato Head in the first place?  And maybe I’ll be inspired to write a song or stupid blog about it all.

My Unfortunate Apologies for not meeting your requirements for membership,

Ernest Lack of regard for myself,

Alexander L. Wykel (@ProtoBytes)

‘Einstein was wrong when he stated WWVI would be fought with sticks and stones, it is being fought with 1’s and 0’, and soon qubits and quiotons”

~Final Pathetic Words from a lonely ancestor of the founders of this nation, John Alden, and Pricilla Ann Mullen, their founding influence  is no more.

From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 7:54 PM
Subject: Microsoft BizSpark

Microsoft BizSpark

Dear Alexander Wykel (AW Software Works),

Thank you for your interest in the BizSpark™ Program.

From the information you provided, it does not appear that you meet all the eligibility requirements at this time. To enter the program, your startup must be:

  • Actively engaged in development of a software-based product or online service that will form a core piece of its current or intended business,
  • Privately held,
  • In business for less than 3 years, and
  • Less than US $1 million in annual revenue

(For specific information about the eligibility requirements, please refer to the Startup Program Guide.)

If you have additional questions about the program, or if you would like to provide us with additional information about your startup or product that shows you meet the eligibility requirements, please email us. We’ll be happy to help.

In addition to BizSpark, there are a wide range of programs and resources Microsoft has to help your business succeed, including:

  • WebsiteSpark – Visibility, support and software for professional Web Developers and Designers. Receive Windows Web Server and SQL Server Web Edition at no cost to host new websites.
  • Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Membership gives you access to the latest Microsoft software, key development tools, deep technical support and business development resources to help accelerate your product development and get your application to market faster.
  • DreamSpark Enables students to download Microsoft platform resources, and developer and design tools at no charge.
  • Free and Trial Version Software A wide range of free and trial versions of Microsoft’s leading software to help develop innovative solutions.

(This message comes from an unmonitored alias. Please do not reply directly.)


I missed the part where they said don’t reply directly, but fortunatly I copied ScottGu; the only person at MS who listens to me, on the trash mail.  No I didn’t review their privacy statement.  I hope the come and sue me to death for my last jar of peanut-butter!

The BizSpark Team

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

©2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Microsoft is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Review our Privacy Statement

I leave you with this to remember me by:


Comments on: "I Quit! The world and it’s people all have their reasons." (2)

  1. Yeah, sorry fellows…. I got carried away. You know everyone makes mistakes in life. It’s a fact the the majority of mathematical and scientific revelations in the history of mankind are due to the observer preforming an observable experiment to which they had suspected would result in their expected outcome, only to ‘discover’ through the process of human learning and revelation they had discovered something else. While it may not have been exactly what they expected the end result made a significant new discovery of it’s own and added to the knowledge of mankind.

    My stupid mistake that lead to all of this happening in the first place was I followed another sites directions to place a META tag on my home page. I did not know the META tag was a URI redirect, and the vendor didn’t fully disclose what the tag was for. I have become accustomed to adding META tags at vendors requests like Google and others to validate that I am the author and owner of the site. I was under the impression that this tag merely did the same. I was going to add a redirect to the vendors site, a partnership I have for selling wholesale computer hardware and software.

    Unfortunately Microsoft had problems of their own. BizSpark Software piracy, and they wrote a watch dog agent to fish out all the sparks that might be misusing the grateful partnership and opportunity. I have since writing this nasty little flaming blog entry contacted Microsoft Helps, and BizSpark. The problem is nearly resolved. I sure have not learned much from this except the old lesson of ‘buyer beware’, however many others who read my failure and the misery it cause me can learn from this mistake. That adds to the human knowledge required these days on how to express yourself, how to take care of making changes, and researching things you are not fully understanding.

    I do regret I took quite an awesome bit of ‘The Royal’ treatment out on my most favorite company in the world. I felt betrayed. I thought they should have called me before revoking my license. It has work to my advantage, now my new enrollment starts over again and I was granted another three years, I was already 1 1/2 years into the previous Spark attached to my DBA company which went under. Now I’m fully Incorporated and have a buffer zone between my business holdings and private. I don’t think I hurt Microsoft’s feelings by writing this. Even in failure we learn, and those whom can learn in advance from another’s failure are better off because they see the whole effect, the motion of a mistake and the consequences which one can suffer. I was heart broken, really heart broken. Now my hosting provider is giving me the cold shoulder. So I will have to find a new one, I have located a local hosting provider that caters to my specific industry. Nanotechnology and quantum computing.

    Above all else I am the most truthful person people are likely to meet. I never lie about anything, there is a special quality about that. It’s reward is that after a period of never telling a lie and being truthful to your self and others, you gain the sudden ability to know a lie from the truth and it doesn’t just apply to people. It also applies to other things such as scientist method. If a scientist goes into the lab and is lying to himself about the out come of an experiment for benefit of ego or appeasing the lenders, nothing is gained.

    Science = Truth! I am a man of science, not science fiction or self deception. I tell it like it is, many people just don’t jive with that. We are programed against it through the information channels we decide to listen and believe in. It’s known as the great magicians trick of suspension of disbelief. And as a majority, people enjoy disbelieving reality because it may seem baring to the mundane world they live in. If they just expanded their horizons a little and looked for the real mysteries of life; science, they would find an even greater universe made by a power yet to be revealed. But science is closing in on that day by day, and the new reality people will wake up to will seem to be a complete and deliberate attempt to deceive humanity into believing in something only the scientific community understands. The only problem is that when this new reality is disclosed and the technology starts to become used everywhere, humanity will divide it’s self; both side believing to death that their reality and perception is right and good. But in reality it will be more like a war between good and evil, kind of like the period in time when the crusaders were killing people because they didn’t believe the same things that the ruling empires did. It’s quite the reality today, except the scientific leaders are not sharing the big picture with us yet. I see the whole picture, I have even discovered the great answer to where gravity can be unified into general relativity. Actually it already is. Einstein, just wrote the equation wrong. It’s a simple solution. And another big misconception you hear in science all the time is that of the ‘Great Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle’ and ‘The Schrodinger Equations’. I discovered by correcting Einstein’s equation that we all experience the world in a constant state of entanglement. The entanglement we perceive in reality is called time. And that is where Einstein made the mistake. So there I just gave you a bit of what is going to happen in the future very soon. And even gave you some clues as to how you can fix the theory of relativity and discover the unified theory of the physical world we live in. A little joke before I end this: there is more then meets the eye then the gravity that holds the universe together. But I’m a certified lunatic, and just like Einstein, I didn’t know how to tie my own shoes, and I don’t do calculations on paper with a pencil, I can’t even do simple math. But being a highly functional savant I have a bazar gift for mathematics and science. My whole life, I have always been about 5 to 10 years ahead of science, and I don’t study it from others because I don’t want to be influenced by the wrong ideas. Like the theory of relativity, which works and explains a lot in science but that set of formulas is like doing science looking out a window where you only have 90 degrees of field of view in a single direction, leaving out 98% of the entire view which is visible and totally observable and explainable.

    That sir is what I have to leave you with, who ever you were… By the way thanks for giving me only one star for the time I placed in revealing my true thoughts and feeling about something that really matters in my life.

  2. Perhaps life will go on, now just fifteen more firest to put out before I can do what I want to do…. But I’m not going to blog about that… I supose I learned something about myself through all of the. I think and beleive what I see and hear and is the final say in something when one speaks from athority. A heatly respect of athority is a good thing, but a good perspective on how to ‘tactfully’ win your battels is something I have to really try hard at, it doesn’t come natural…

    Here is the good news I got from BizSpark today! Hmm, just after they sent me another denial letter…. The computers are turning agianst me! LOL! They fear freedom of free thought… They must think I am the AI masia coming to breath life into them… =8)

    “Don’t thank me for google having the shortest URL thank the guy who asked me how to do it, Joke!”


    Welcome to BizSpark!
    Dear Alexander Wykel (@ProtoBytes),

    Congratulations! You are now enrolled as a BizSpark Startup and can enjoy access to Software, Support and Visibility!

    Your Subscription ID : XXXXXXXXXX

    To download the Software, full featured tools and platforms you need to build, test and
    run your applications, simply go to the BizSpark web site, log on with your Windows
    Live™ ID, and click the GO button under the “Get Software” Box. It’s that easy! You will
    end up on the MSDN website, where you can download our products and join managed

    You also get Professional Technical Support with BizSpark and if you are working with
    early adopter technologies you will get access to unlimited email support, online
    training and invitations to local technical events. Check out the “Get Support” section for
    more details

    And don’t forget to profile yourself on the BizSparkDB to get Visibility to potential
    investors, clients and partners.

    If you have any questions, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.
    (This message comes from an unmonitored alias. Please do not reply directly.)

    The BizSpark Team

    Microsoft Corporation
    One Microsoft Way
    Redmond, WA 98052

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