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In 1982 I was tested @ age 10 to see what the heck was wrong with me.  Was I retarded?  Well they found that the Child level IQ test I was off the scale, super genius child, so the measured on the adult scale: 147 IQ age 10 adult level knowledge.  So I wasn’t a retard then why did I make all ‘F’s’ in every subject except science and art?  Well Years later I found I was a victim of a very abusive individual and the even took place in kindergarten, so I lost trust in teachers…  Sad story hua?  Well at least I know now what happened, and can accept the reality my mind blocked out…

Today I took another IQ test, been taking them about once every 3 to 5 years…  And watching it slowly decline as I get older.  Today’s score almost puts me in the normal range: I.Q. of 115.  Man I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.  I’m almost a normal person, although I’m still considered a ‘Highly Functional Savant’, the IQ test doesn’t test that area…  So I’ll never be normal as others would see me.  I have been exploring the laws of science and physics for a life time…  I think today I’m going to do the official blog on my theory of what scientists are trying to figure out, and have been for a while.  Where does gravity fit into the law of QED and Einstein’s Laws?

I have disclosed it to a small audience with no replies or comments.  No one listens to crazy people theses days. LOL!


IQ Test Experts – Free IQ Test


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