The Best of Proto-Bytes Bits-n-Bytes, A Non-All-Inclusive Scientific Research Information and Idea Exchange

After two years of research in the latest and greatest technologies from Microsoft, AMD, and Nvidia.  I wrote some abstracts about theories and other ideas floating around that seemed to be good business ideas, however I had no method of accomplishing any of my goals, so I did the humanitarian things to do….  I gave my ideas away for free.
Occasionally I would get discouraged at seeing a large corporation develop my idea in a matter of weeks and have it on shelves fro people to purchase.  Most of the time this worked out to my advantage, it might have taken me 6 Mo. to complete an idea, now I have a fresh copy written by professionals and I can move on to the next stages of my required technological requirements to indeed create something of my own design.
After kicking around a few ideas, and getting kicked around by the major stake holder in the industry warning me to back off their cloud, I realized that my really good ideas the scientific ones, had never made their way into the market.  Yet, I was periodically bombarded with publications written by scientific journalist informing me that my new technological theory on XYZ quantum mechanics is a new scientific breakthrough.  Okay again no big deal, it take quite a bit of money to fund the research required to validate some of my theories, I win again
I will admin it, the only one that hurt my feelings was the scientific theoretical essay I wrote for IEEE to get my associates membership and industry acknowledgement that I have the skills required by all bachelor level trained engineers.  The only reason I got my feelings hurt was because my professor in college informed me it would never work, and this panel of PHD’s accepted the theory was a legitimate method of devising the first ever optical transistor device.  I even received a nice plaque and a solid gold IEEE tie tack to wear on job interviews, as if any of my interviewers knew of the organization, or the significance of the gold pin which is selectively given to individuals, actually it’s only given to the highest members at the fellowship level.  Something I didn’t know at the time.  Well, that paper made it’s way into a laboratory of two European scientists whom made a slight modification to my Brewster’s pezio-electric modulation dielectric mounting withing a simple sub-micron waveguide.  They didn’t even take the time to create their own silicone sub-straight model which I included with the paper, as to how the it could be successfully constructed with todays technology and industry tooling.  Their modification seriously degraded the effectiveness of the device.  This was probably intentional, to save the work on a got to market device for internal study.  What did they do you may be asking, they simply modified the Brewster angle so that a thermal dielectric Silicon Dioxide Layer having a current applied generated enough heat to change the size of the band gap in the dielectric and modulate the light traveling through the wave guide.  Bad idea unless you want to keep it super cold so that the ‘Z’ or quiesce of the whole integrated deice does not suffer thermal breakdown, which it would.  But but some stroke of success on their part, it was enough to win them a Nobel Prize for inventing the first optical transistor.  Perhaps I would feel better if I still had the fancy little tie tack and someone actually believes any of the stories I tell about how my small achievements and observations in science have changed the world.  Over the years I have learned to document my research on public internet sites and the date of actual disclosure can be shown, but how many people I deal with on a day to day basis even understand the foreign language I’m describing to them or even care?  They are far and few.  I suppose pride is a big factor which has no place in running a corporation, perhaps lesson #1.
Todays current task for my corporation is to build relationships with vendors and acquire a small product line that I can eventually start to integrate some of these new quantum computing devices I have been designing since 1995.
I currently have two devices one specialized for computing FFT’s faster then any known technology on earth can; recently validated by Israeli Scientists in Tel Aviv, and published in September Photonic’s Spectra.  Computes A Fast Fourier Transform so fast that it would be impossible to overload it with computations.  It could have other applications, but that is w

”]Fast Fourier transform(FFT) butterfly dataflow...

hat the original design was intended to be used for, I theorize it could be use to perform any type of advanced mathematical computation, FFT’s were just the easiest to implement in a show and tell paper.  It operates more like a digital Signal Processor which is programmable to perform specific tasks highly efficiently.  I have not completed the research on exactly how fast it can be reprogrammed and what it’s limitations are, but this is the first true Quantum Device Computing I have created, it is loosely based on my main research effort that has undergone countless generations of design.  It’s started out as a deice implementing the waveguide transistor technology, as my knowledge and technology advanced I found realized in 2007 that the waveguide approach was not the best and looked for a better solution.

Well this has been a bunch of rambling on about much ego centric stuff about myself.  To tell you something on a more personal and truthful level about myself.  I have a strange talent for understanding this field of emerging technology, however if you follow the link to the above image and read the description and code listing for the application I have to confess I do not have the background to really and honestly tell you that I understand all the details of this FFT algorithm.  All I can honestly say is that I have a different unique understanding of the core science, I can write my own mathematical proof in terms of Postulates and Axioms to derive the proper math and then transform it to code or a technology, I just do it and know it like a second language.  I suppose that is what happens when you meditate upon something fro years in hopes of find solutions to all the unanswered questions.

The other generation is more like traditional computers, and the most recent revision is what I loosely term as a holographic multiple wave THz optical computing device.  It’s about 78% complete in theory.  Works just like a regular computer chip, except the process of fabrication involves new methods of imprinting a holographic coating on a pure sapphire substrate, it also involves some but very little electronic components, and like the FFT package, is a multi-sandwich layered combo of silicon and optical components.  Next blog I will post the original April 10th 2010 posting about the FFT optical device and if I get some time, I will provide a diagram…

So I have answered some of my own unanswered questions by completing this exerciser, for now the corporation has limited potential and should attempt to explore other avenues of accumulating assets and set aside a fund for R&D later down the road.  Currently that plan is limited to building and selling high performance workstations with a goal of creating a Nvidia Personal Super Computer line in the near future.  Sales is not an ability I have naturally, so I should do some market research and read about how to sell high priced items in a sluggish market.  Then there is the flip side of the coin where I go back to work building enterprise systems for corporations to run their business.  At this point I’m a day late and a few dollars short…

Next feature will include the lengthy process of for filling your partnerships requirements of the new corporations, experimental sales strategies to raise capital to pay the bills, and enjoying life under the weight of all the unknowns lurking in the darkness…

Oh yeah I crisen today as binary day of the year: 10.10.10 = 42 = 6×7

(see Hitch hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for more details)




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