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Listen to this song when you think of me….

A while back I came upon ‘a beautiful woman from a far’ she took me for a ride in her car to my home where all the homeless roam.  On that day she heard a message from God and led me back to her pad.  There I lived for a while, until a day I became defiled.  I then went to live where the drunks go when they have no where else to go and sobered up.  Soon I found my life restored and gainfully employed.  I went back to my lady friend of 28 years greater experienced then I, and told her I would like her to come to my new pad, and return the help she gave me that day the VA made me so mad.  She was something, and a great lover too…  But the years between us she could not separate the two.  One day a furry black cat announced it’s self with an act that followed our same design and made our pad it’s new home.  Nanina name her Ellsinore Rigby, after this song, and there after they I found them both gone and alone and ruined again like the words of this song…
The man who designed all that which I have said, must have some really wonderful ideas in his head.  Some days I wonder why both times I found myself DOA, he thought it was my duty to continue on my lonely path.  I am still discovering the hidden world with in this one, but I think it would have been much kinder just to keep me and show me what I failed to see, and let me have the peace I was always looking for to set me free.  But all I returned with was a memory of a place that glittered like gold snow flakes whirling around a thing I can not describe, but I got the feeling that the place was a special place where your life experience is not measured by the value of gold, but the honesty of your words and deeds, and the truth which you were able to discover here where we call each other brothers….
It’s a special song for me, I thought to share it with you because you are a true friend indeed, one that will succeed this reality and follow me into all my other destinations along my lonely path of self discovery and enlightenment.  Not all people will absolutely agree on everything in this world is easy to see that that knowledge will never set us free, but confrontation is a powerful tool which has been like a big brother to all who have ever learned how to resolved indifference and find acceptance in a world that we are not designed to experience things naturally in such a way.  The world and heavens may be perfect, but I will never let myself believe that I am, I am separated from this world by my ability to choose, and my choices may seem infinite, but the ones which have virtue and glitter like those golden flakes I saw at my own wake, they are few and hard to discern, and I have learned we don’t all find that every snow flake looks the same as the next, even if it is the same golden flake it’s no mistake we were designed to find them unique and special to our selves, and sharing them with others can at times cause conflict and disagreement, but I have understanding that I am separate and as unique as the world I can only perceive and attempt to understand.  It’s hard enough when most of it has been twisted up in the exceptions and misunderstandings of man.
I am sorry if I did or said something that you can’t agree with, perhaps another day and a nice cup of coffee’ we can find a common ground and learn from our disappointments in one another for not seeing the glittering thing the in the same light, on the same day.
Yours Truly,

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