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I prove that nothing and something are complete mistakes in an equation…Honestly randome mistakes…I randomly made it all up, but math has it’s own way of working and teaching me I’m still dumb…This is a silly, philisophical and mathematical logical paradox, hopefully it will replace the old cat in a box…teaching of the past…Creapy weird stories, should frighten childern like that! 

Or cats!

The whole ‘Zero’ problem in math is intellectually boggling to my simple mind, but oddly enough I can spontaneously mumbo-jumbo an equation that equals zero… For all the good in the world that will do me:

frac(2/frac(4/Frac(8(1/(55555549871^16)mod 16)mod 8)mod 4)mod 2)) = 0



Seems beyond my understanding to comprehend, and really makes me think I’m not alone in the universe…  In a philosophical metaphor I once heard… ‘I have come to earth with nothing, and I leave with nothing’  So someone said…

Biblical: 1 Timothy 6:7,  []

Alphabetical: and anything brought can cannot either For have into it nothing of out so take the we world

                  Job 1:21, []

Alphabetical: and away be Blessed came depart from gave has He I LORD may mother’s my Naked name of praised return said shall taken The there will womb 

Song: U2: Stuck In A Moment []

Stuck In A Moment

I’m not afraid of anything in this world
There’s nothing you can throw at me that I haven’t already heard
I’m just trying to find a decent melody
A song that I can sing in my own company

I will not forsake the colours that you bring
The nights you filled with fireworks – they left you with nothing
I am still enchanted by the light you brought to me
I listen through your ears – through your eyes I can see

I was unconscious, half asleep
The water is warm till you discover how deep
I wasn’t jumping – for me it was a fall
It’s a long way down to nothing at all

Quran: 5. From Allah, verily nothing is hidden on earth or in the heavens. []

Personaly, I have no refrence to inperpate this line…however, it does seem to parallel Job

Things I find odd about the whole ‘Zero Conspiracy‘:

How can it be proven even if it’s not divisable…

Anthing indefinatly multliplied to it is automatically converted to a valueless number…Zero

Number Theroy Books I have read a little bit of indicate it has no inductive proof…I’m no number theroist, but axioums and postulates could be applied, I have no idea how to prove that they would result in a proof… Taking a ‘huge and random’ number like: (55555549871^16) has 10×10^203 digits to start with, then taking the inverse (very small number 10×10^-173 digits, but an exact fractional quanity: 1/(55555549871^16)Then Factorialy expanding it to a huge number:

(Note: Dyslexia; sigh, this should have been fact not frac)

frac(2/frac(4/Frac(8(1/(55555549871^16))))) = 0

fact(2/fact(4/Fact(8(1/(55555549871^16))))) = …Endless series…as far as it looks.  I have no method to prove that, just an observation.

ParadoxicallyStarts with zero, and appreas to aproach zreo: [Series Form]


((((1/(55555549871^16)mod 16)mod 8)mod 4)mod 2) = 1/(55555549871^16)

 So once corrected, the formula actual is nearly equal to 1:

[Full Solution as I tried to wite it; but mixed up frac and fact, What’s the moral of this story?]

‘A man can find noting but himself to correct, when not looking for any answers that have any meaning…’ ~ That is what I got from itOther then absurdly confused.  And I really tried hard to make a confusing equation that would equal something meaningful.  Even huge things factor out in the wash…Yup, any number you put in that happy box, will equal nearly 1…

Silly Hua?  Mathmatics humor galore…But while it’s in the box, it’s anything but 1. 

Would make shrodinger laugh I assume…Or maybe his cat would…But I doubt the cat would be laughing…see it’s allways = 1 (True, the cat is not alive)  Always hated that equation, just had to show why it’s stupid to even think about…Save a few barin cells, and learn scientific methods not statistical…Sounds good enough for Mikie, He will eat anything…I’v been Mikie all my life…It has never gotten old, but I am… Thanks for entertaining the thought…Have fun with my Box, it’s not a rubex cube…Could never work one of those either.

It’s a forget me not box…Where everything put in is equaly forgoten about after close analysis…Life is not as simple.

There is not a single understanding I have ever attempted to understand which has any place for the existence of ‘Nothing’…  However fundamental math weighs the checks and balances, and I seem to survive on nearly nothing as far as math could describe: ‘Survial and Exsistance’

Even years of taoist meditation and clearing of thoughts that appear to cause more consequences then undesirable virtues has not helped me understand how to be a perfect ‘Zero’…

Seems my mind spends more time in asserting that it exists, even know the proof of existence or anything based on such absolutes, is out of scope for me to understand….However, it’s easier said then done…. You can take that from an absolute silly dumb person…Mostly anyhow.  And yes I’m speaking for myself, not anyone else…  No harsh flames intended…Seems like being internet friendly becomes harder and harder as days get longer and longer.

Peace out Zero Heroes!


Early history for the number Zero:
By the middle of the 2nd millennium BC, the Babylonian mathematics had a sophisticated sexagesimal positional numeral system. The lack of a positional value (or zero) was indicated by a space between sexagesimal numerals. By 300 BC, a punctuation symbol (two slanted wedges) was co-opted as a placeholder in the same Babylonian system. In a tablet unearthed at Kish (dating from about 700 BC), the scribe Bêl-bân-aplu wrote his zeros with three hooks, rather than two slanted wedges.[9]




The Tao gives birth to One.
One gives birth to Two.
Two gives birth to Three.
Three gives birth to all things.

All things have their backs to the female
and stand facing the male.
When male and female combine,
all things achieve harmony.

Ordinary men hate solitude.
But the Master makes use of it,
embracing his aloneness, realizing
he is one with the whole universe.






Allow phonetic typing
Tao give birth to a one of the.
a gave birth and two
give birth to a two: three: representatives “.
“Three Represents” gave birth: Everything.

all things are Pui woman
stand in oriented males.
When the combination of both men and women,
all of what to achieve harmony and.

the ordinary most hated man alone.
but the master allow to use it
to embrace to his lonely and
he was yes the entire the universe.

42 was always the answer!!!

I have made and tasted the vergers of life…Perhaps I was always just too lazy…Hahah


This is the lesson my Black Rat Completed:

Tu: within the forever: is gone: Wu wei in ashes and dust on:
 the gray and dust on draw Always absence of Wu wei:
 in ashes and dust on built no reason to:
 find that: nonhuman: the class see the: to and understand:
 What are enter: Hui the path: Life: Body:
 From time of deleting: of the: reason: me:
 a stranger break the: science:
will be of the students.


Mid 80’s computer whiz kid who had a hobby of studying super computers and lasers where ever he could get information from.  At age 18 decided to dedicate his life to designing the next generation of optical computers after reading industry trade article while deciding what to study in college.  While working on three degrees in college in the areas of Photonics, Semiconductor Manufacturing and Methodologies, and Post Era Computer Science development on the internet.  After watching many United States Air Force commercials about learning next era technology today, he joined the USAF in an elite 1 of 74 top applicants chosen to work in the C3NAV or Command, Control, Communications, and Navigations training disciplines, he maintained a perfect score of 4.0 while enrolled in this training program.  After leaving the USAF at their request, he started a career as a computer tesengineer and worked in the field of computer sciene and is currently a retired Sr. Software Application Developer.  Today he has create a new   corporation and now has time to finish his humanitarian pursuit and ambition of creating and designing Optical Computers.  Although he was employed in various jobs since reading the first trade article, he has been more dedicated mentally to understanding and solving the inherent problems in designing the next computing platform that in his highest hopes will be the last computer architecture and technology platform to be used for computing problems of any size nicely fitting on an ordinary desktop.  He accomplishments in the field of photonics helped to break the barrier of materials engineering on the silicon die in 2001 in an theoretical paper describing how to build an optical transistor using a wave guide and at Brewster’s angle for single mode wavelengths using a peizo-electric Brewster’s angular vibrational thresholds which were coupled to an avalanche detector and Q stabilizer for optimal signal loss over tunable wave lengths, and also served as to couple the optical signal to common semiconductor components with in the same device.  This research was verified to be a good solution and verified by a team of Scientists whom brought home the Nobel Prize for delivering the worlds first optical transistor.  This novel wave guide research still serves as the primary method of achieving optical integration with semiconductor components and is in wide spread use in many scientific equipment.  More recently another he made another major breakthrough also verified by a team of Scientific  which the foundation of the technology for using photonics to perform ultra fast FFT computations was published in Septembers Photonics Spectra: “Curved Light Breaks the Rules”.  Today he has finished the design research for two Optical Computer chips, one using the FFT technology although it operates at many wavelengths in parallel and is the basis of a programmable Optical DSP, the other more evolved device which is now in it’s 30th generation of revisions introduces a new method of computation using light to compute thought the use of a new technological discovery: Quantum Entangled Holography.  The chip is a simple ceramic double sided die, having and emitter array with a vacuum hermetically sealed gap and a high precision detector array.  There is no silicone involved in processing data and until further calculations and real time simulations can confirm this hypothesis, there is no theoretical processing limit to this device other then environmental, and the device runs well beyond femtosecond operations per second per mm^2.  If this device can be made operational, many new exciting fields of science will emerge as it will also confirm his second major goal in life, to solve the Unified QED Theory, and open the door to another realm of scientific understanding and answer a question in the minds of many quantum physicists minds.  Is there anything beyond the Quantum event horizon we observe in our physical reality?  It may not answer how far the rabbit hole goes, but it will tell is what is behind door 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Working full time on this project and running a corporation, it’s estimated the first prototype can be built with in by 3 quarter 2011.  His professional writers handle is ProtoBytes and is connected to all social networks and accessible using Google if you would like to get into contact with this man of the future.  I’m not so far every therotical scientific observation in optical computing and quantum physics has a 100% fitness rating.  He was borne with a rage gift and liability; autism, fortunately he is highly functional in most areas but it makes life a struggle, if understanding how the whole universe worked was as easy as living life he would be a millionaire by now.  There simply is not enough time to work on all and report all of his amazing discoveries, although for the record books, the scientific community has remained 2 -10 years behind his many innovations, and he finds the strangest thing in life seeing some one else design exactly what he thought of 6 years ago and tossed the idea aside knowing the he still had to follow the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ to get to the emerald palace.  He sure has his own gifts, but is he really attempting to meet with the great and all powerful wizard of OZ when he arrives with his other gifted friends following the same path?  Of will he simply arrive at an awesome palace with no place of possible entry?  If you have read the book, or watched the movie you know the answers to those questions already, don’t you?
So I invite you all to follow, follow, the yellow brick road, or deal with the wicked witch of the west on you on budget.

USSR stamp dedicated to Albert Einstein
Image via Wikipedia

Analyzing my new simpler theory of relativity that Einstein failed to see because he was blinded by the light in his observation of time not being a constant.  I realized this is the unified theory of relativity; Einstein’s mistake, It’s written in my form of math using composition to describe the complex reality of it all. 

( Ψ ¦ʘ¦ ɷ ) ¦ʘ¦ ( λ ¦ʘ¦ Ѭ)

Ψ=Gravitational Energy
¦ʘ¦ Composed and Entangled with  (composition 1)
ɷ=Spatial Energy

¦ʘ¦ Composed and Entangled with  (Physical entanglement = Time)

λ=Photonic Base Energy relative to superimposition of Ψ acting on Composition 2
¦ʘ¦ Composed and Entangled with (composition 2)
Ѭ=Spatial energy required to quantify the superimposition of ɷ acting on composition 2

We live life and experience the composition of 1&2 being entangled.  We experience this phenomenon as time it’s completely entangled and totaly observable and you can act upon all dimensions it factor down into, however the principle Schrödinger pointed out is true, once the quantum entangled state is observed ot acted on, it is deflate back to the energy states contained in compositions 1&2 and get factored back out into the fundamentals of Ψ, ɷ, λ, Ѭ with magnitude expanding in all dimensions possible.  The the moment is over, but the entailment still exists in a newly created physical reality after all energy levels become reconstituted by yet another unknown force and phenomena, that will be the area of science quantum mechanics soon attempts to understand.

  ‘in the beginning there was nothing, and a word was uttered into the nothingness, and the world became the word and there was light….’
                      ~not an exact quote from an ancient quantum mechanic.

The Microsoft sign at the entrance of the Germ...

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This is my reply to my long time industry partner Micrsoft black balling me from the BizSpak Partnership Program.  I post this only to allow everyone to be notified that I have resigned to being anything meaningful in life.  And will perhaps find other interests or hobbies like building churches with glue and match sticks.


Dear BizSpark Team,

I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding here.  I started my Spark less then a year and a half ago, and have been head deep into research and development of pioneering the future path of software development and to first create a portal to distribute this technology to the public for consumption.  I am an Associate IEEE Voting Member and the massive amount of research I have performed in the area of massively parallel programming for SIMD and multi-core CPU architecture of today, and my college training and life goal to provide the computer science industry with optical computing solutions.  I honestly do not understand why you have arrived at this conclusion.

Moore’s and Amdahl’s Laws as we know them will soon fail us completely.  It should be no secret to you.  I have actually has several Spark ideas, my most recent was to create a GPU supercomputing Cloud cluster environment for scientists and medical professionals to access and run code on.  Unfortunately three days after I made my small press announcement and updated my Spark profile with the new goals of my company, both your corporation and Hoppie Cloud made industry announcements that they were going to provide this service to the public.  I can’t not compete with you Microsoft.  We have shared many years and many ideas, I have actually had conversations with Scott Guthrie about my ideas of a rapid proto typing software application which was ironically developed with in a two week period and included in Blend 4 as the product Sketch Flow.  I tried my hand at being an ISV and created a B2B brokering system that does exactly what your product one of your enterprise solutions performs.

I have enjoyed seeing you complete my ideas, even in 2001 I wrote a XML based markup language based upon reflections to generate a UI using the Java programming language, you also have a similar product now; XAML.  I am not trying to accuse you of stealing my ideas, I share them freely, and have even helped a team win a Nobel Prize in life.

Today, I have finally formed a real Corporation and filed all the proper paperwork, and I believe I have found my foot hold where no one can compete with my products and services.  To be honest with you My BizSpark Teammate’s who are looking critically upon me at this time.  Every great Idea I have ever pioneered has been adopted and manufactured by large corporations.  My specialty is Quantum Mechanics in the specific area of designing the next generation of optical computer chips.

To this date, if you visited my site, you will see a blanket statement explaining that something is coming.  I am an expert 3.5 .NET programmer, and the addition of DX11 and .NET 4.0 added many items I had to spend many hours of research with to discover what works the same, and what has been introduced that causes undesirable side effects.  I am so much into research of your technology, that if you do a Google search for my name “Alex Wykel” it will point to a #1 hit on Channel 9, where I demonstrated a new technology for performing extremely fast commutations using no mathematics at all, it’s a simple visualizations and it was entered to help Dr. Berkman achieve his goal of merging ; a new concept to me, Monads using a coordinate system.

This email you have sent me has seriously upset me to the extreme, after spending my last 8 years completely devoted to promoting and delivering corporations with the cutting edge solutions you bring to the market.  They come to me because I am known in the industry by my peers as a person whom explores and tests the latest technologies, and becoming an expert on the subjects rather quickly.  Most of my clients employ men to rapidly use rapid application prototyping to build the cutting edge systems that will scale and leverage the technology which is on your radar screen.

I have not once had a bit of contempt for Microsoft, and I have only been a valuable asset in offering your large body of industry consumers the latest solutions, and I explore what you your next plan is and place much thought into where the technology is going.  I build systems that are frameworks designed to scale to meet your next step in technological delivery.

I recently I have been a bit out of character, making odd comments about the break down in technology, and offering a helping hand where ever possible, and I always have your inspiration and best interest in mind.  That is saying a lot for a industry expert, who was formally trained by the developers of the Java programming language, and left that line of work because I was the told you had to offer and C# was a more elegant solution.

If you are going to black ball me, have the humanity and decency to give me a justified reason for this turn of events in our relationship.

Today marked the day I officially started my beta acceptance testing of IE9.  Last night marked the day I officially started to create more than just a blanket ‘under construction’ front page.  Truth be known I once calculate the number if multimillion dollar ideas I have in a 6 mo. period alone to be estimated to take well over 6000 man years to complete, so I give man away to those I believe might have a better chance and interest in making them a reality.

My new BizSpark has three primary goals:  Provide a necessary portal to scientist in my field of optical commuting to share and freely exchange and gather ideas and data, with a gold of helping all individuals network these sparse ideas and discover a solution to optical computing.  There is a great demand for such a portal, I just happened to read about it in today’s issue of Photonics Spectra.  I will also showcase an Computer Science R&D area where both show problem problems in the industry is heading, and much like your Microsoft Research site offer downloads of sample code for scientists and engineers to experiment with.  I have a goal to invent a new computer language specifically designed for quantum computing devices, my thoughts are that the area of Turing Machines is coming to an end, and that is part of the problem.  I have not been with just twiddling my thumbs, and acting like a know it all.  Solved a problem some of you best MVP’s said was impossible, the solution to me was instantly realized, and I created a prototype, and wrote an article about it on the web site ‘The Code Project’  See my profile:  I had another idea to completely rewrite my on JIT compiler and offload everything to Nvidia’s PSX instruction set.  For me it’s a big matter of where time is better spent.  Currently the creation of a private corporation and making industry partnerships to build infrastructure and supercomputing solutions for your HPC platform has made a significant impact on my ability to sit and write code.  I’m the CTO of my corporation: AW Proto Code, Inc.  I am looking for a CTO to run the show and help us make first flight.  However within the next few weeks, I will have not just a simple front page completely designed suing Silverlight 4, but I will be hosting video series about the tools provided by you and others, and the logical steps I had to make to create a new workaround.  Last night I spent the entire night refactoring MEF 2 Preview because it was not strongly signed, and had no application GUID, two things required if I am to build it and demo it, so I can legally say I didn’t place any malicious code in it.  I was doing it in an attempt to showcase your newest technology before anyone else started working with it.  That is what I do, that is what my spark does.

The choice is up to you, if I have no access to your software anymore.  I am going to end my career as a software developer and never mention or promote a single computer or software product for as short as my life might last.  So if you words are to be the last and final here and now, they will be a hallow echo in my mind of all the people and things I loved in life eventually turning against me.

I would like you to know I served in the United Armed Forces, to protect the constitution and it came at a price, and left me with an illness that is slowly killing me every day, mentally and physically.  And it’s all classified, and never happened, and they are not doing anything to help me for cleaning up an antrathx contaminated zone on our base.  It never happened.  I was not even told that was what I was doing.  So I have already paid the ultimate price for freedom, but everyday someone, something takes it away from me.  I’m a scientist and IEEE engineer, I live my life by a higher code of ethics than ordinary people believe is reasonable.  Why?  Because I held the highest clearance in the US Government which required me to make a life commitment to obey the oath of enlistment, and that oath ended with the “words until the day I die.”

So whatever you reason for discriminating against me, I’m sure you have layers that will agree with the highest courts in the land I gave my life to assure our children are free and safe from the ugly things they teach all about, that no one wants to know.

I am man who is incapable of lying, and I serve a higher purpose then my own selfish interests.  I serve humanity.  I am truly sorry you have chosen to revoke my participation in your program.  This effectively ends my career and interest in Computer Science.  I suppose I will call my attorney and tell him to dissolve my corporation and start writing letters to all the industry partners I have tried hard to prove I have valuable information they can make use of.  You have made this the saddest day of my professional life.  Thank you for your cold worlds and meaningless rejection letter.  No one likes a ProtoByte anyhow, we are virtual and don’t matter in the bigger picture of things.

This was unexpected.  But what should I expect when I have a history of everyone turning tier back on me, no matter how much I give back to the balance of life.

No reply is required.  I will accept your denial in this program, you have so willing already give me, and I have participated in for over a year and a half.  I still meet the required criteria, but you have discriminated based on some unknown reason.  I don’t want explication really.  This email is enough to show me that your have no intentions of allowing me to succeed in my life’s goals.

This will be publicly posted on my World Press Blog for everyone to reference as to the nature and reason why I have made the ultimate decision to end the last thing in life that had any significant meaning for me.  Sue me if you like it’s all true, and I have not a penny to my name!  But I have made so many other millions, including your company.

To all those who are interested in my corporate portfolio my

DUNNS# is: 02-133-1437, and I was an internet start up corporation EIN:27-3563061.


I will withdraw my corporation from federal listing and make any necessary apologies for be myself!  This will no doubt take time, I have spent two years making partnerships to make my BizSpark work.  Can’t have faith in anyone but yourself these days, and the message I get is that I shouldn’t even have faith in my own self.  Suicide is not the answer, though it seems I have committed social suicide in some way to get all this banter from leaders of industry discriminating against me.  If death would solve the problem, it would be a simple choice to make.  but I live to be a man who gives back to life, not a selfish on that takes my takent to the grave.  And it’s not true, you don’t find yourself once you loose everything, you find the truth about everyone else and what reality is all about, and how you have no meaning, no matter what you think or give to it, living death is what you take back.  Don;t feel sorry for me, I am responsible for my own path.  Unfortunately, it is just a path I walk alone in the quite stillness of everlasting darkness, and shadows of nothing left to fill my creativity with.


All that has ended on this night of Thursday October, 21, 2010, because I have lost the will to pour my heart and soul out upon the world and enrich peoples lives, and have everyone take everything that I hold dear to me and tell me I have no right or am not worthy of having such a cherished part of my life that I can find simple fading joys in.

Looks like I will become a couch potato!  I will never become a hater, but I will never love or find joy again either.  Maybe after a few years of that, I’ll look back and think to myself how did I become Mr. Potato Head in the first place?  And maybe I’ll be inspired to write a song or stupid blog about it all.

My Unfortunate Apologies for not meeting your requirements for membership,

Ernest Lack of regard for myself,

Alexander L. Wykel (@ProtoBytes)

‘Einstein was wrong when he stated WWVI would be fought with sticks and stones, it is being fought with 1’s and 0’, and soon qubits and quiotons”

~Final Pathetic Words from a lonely ancestor of the founders of this nation, John Alden, and Pricilla Ann Mullen, their founding influence  is no more.

From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 7:54 PM
Subject: Microsoft BizSpark

Microsoft BizSpark

Dear Alexander Wykel (AW Software Works),

Thank you for your interest in the BizSpark™ Program.

From the information you provided, it does not appear that you meet all the eligibility requirements at this time. To enter the program, your startup must be:

  • Actively engaged in development of a software-based product or online service that will form a core piece of its current or intended business,
  • Privately held,
  • In business for less than 3 years, and
  • Less than US $1 million in annual revenue

(For specific information about the eligibility requirements, please refer to the Startup Program Guide.)

If you have additional questions about the program, or if you would like to provide us with additional information about your startup or product that shows you meet the eligibility requirements, please email us. We’ll be happy to help.

In addition to BizSpark, there are a wide range of programs and resources Microsoft has to help your business succeed, including:

  • WebsiteSpark – Visibility, support and software for professional Web Developers and Designers. Receive Windows Web Server and SQL Server Web Edition at no cost to host new websites.
  • Microsoft Action Pack Development and Design Membership gives you access to the latest Microsoft software, key development tools, deep technical support and business development resources to help accelerate your product development and get your application to market faster.
  • DreamSpark Enables students to download Microsoft platform resources, and developer and design tools at no charge.
  • Free and Trial Version Software A wide range of free and trial versions of Microsoft’s leading software to help develop innovative solutions.

(This message comes from an unmonitored alias. Please do not reply directly.)


I missed the part where they said don’t reply directly, but fortunatly I copied ScottGu; the only person at MS who listens to me, on the trash mail.  No I didn’t review their privacy statement.  I hope the come and sue me to death for my last jar of peanut-butter!

The BizSpark Team

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

©2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Microsoft is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Review our Privacy Statement

I leave you with this to remember me by:

In 1982 I was tested @ age 10 to see what the heck was wrong with me.  Was I retarded?  Well they found that the Child level IQ test I was off the scale, super genius child, so the measured on the adult scale: 147 IQ age 10 adult level knowledge.  So I wasn’t a retard then why did I make all ‘F’s’ in every subject except science and art?  Well Years later I found I was a victim of a very abusive individual and the even took place in kindergarten, so I lost trust in teachers…  Sad story hua?  Well at least I know now what happened, and can accept the reality my mind blocked out…

Today I took another IQ test, been taking them about once every 3 to 5 years…  And watching it slowly decline as I get older.  Today’s score almost puts me in the normal range: I.Q. of 115.  Man I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.  I’m almost a normal person, although I’m still considered a ‘Highly Functional Savant’, the IQ test doesn’t test that area…  So I’ll never be normal as others would see me.  I have been exploring the laws of science and physics for a life time…  I think today I’m going to do the official blog on my theory of what scientists are trying to figure out, and have been for a while.  Where does gravity fit into the law of QED and Einstein’s Laws?

I have disclosed it to a small audience with no replies or comments.  No one listens to crazy people theses days. LOL!


IQ Test Experts – Free IQ Test